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What You Need To Know About Sky UK TV Offers

What You Need To Know About Sky UK TV Offers

In order to receive Sky TV you will need a satellite-dish installed at your residential property. You are able to use Sky TV on any of the properties which have a clear-sightline in regards to the South Sky.

Check On The Details

Before you start comparing the Sky bundles, here are some details you should be taking into consideration.

• Ensure You Are Getting The Correct Channels

Sky features 100s of different television channels with more than 400 channels in the top-tier packages. Make sure you choose the offer that includes your favourite channels. 0844 448 6262

• You Are Required To Pay Upfront Costs

There will be an upfront payment that is required for all the Sky TV offers. This once-off bill covers some of the installation costs and if you have chosen broadband it covers the router delivery.

• Sky TV Is Subjected To An 18 Month Contract

All of Sky TV deals are subjected to a minimum 18 month contract. This means you are not able to leave your contract during this period without having to incur penalties. Make sure that you are able to afford the payments before you sign the contract in order to avoid an unpleasant surprise into the future.

Reasons To Choose Sky TV

Here are 3 fantastic reasons to join this highly popular TV provider:

• Countless TV Channels

Sky offers more TV channels when compared to any other of the providers in the UK. Even the basic Sky TV package offers about 300 channels as the standard. The top-tier packages offer more than 430 channels, which keeps those ardent channel-hoppers entertained.

• Take Advantage Of Outstanding Features With The Sky Q Box

The Sky Q box is offered with any of the Sky TV packages for free. It allows you to record, rewind and pause more than 1000 hours (live TV). It also allows you to record a full series automatically.

• Sky Go Is Offered For Free - 0844 448 6262

The Sky Go is a catch-up and TV on demand service made available to all the Sky TV customers, free of charge. In order to use this function you will need a Wi-Fi connection using your broadband router, using one of the many Sky Wi-Fi hotspots all over the UK or using a 3G or a 4G connection. If you would like to download any shows in order to watch at a later stage, you will need to upgrade to Sky Go Extra, which is an accompanied by a monthly-fee.

The Pros And The Cons

Here are 3 main cons and pros about choosing Sky TV as a home-television package.

The Pros:

• Sky Go is offered for free

• 100s of TV channels

• Sky Q Box for recording

The Cons

• Multi-screen is costly

• Broadband will be required for TV on demand

• The installation needs a satellite dish

How To Choose The Right Sky TV Offer - 0844 448 6262

There are a variety of Sky TV bundles currently available. Locating the correct one can become confusing, here are the 3 of the popular bundles to consider.

Original Bundle- A Good Entry Level Option

If your budget is something of importance or you only need a smaller TV package that features a few good channels, the Sky Original Bundle is ideal for you. With more than 250 channels, that include popular channels like Sky Atlantic and a number of which is in HD.

The Variety Bundle- Lots Of Choices

The next level includes the Variety Bundle. This package costs more when compared to the Original Bundle, but comes with higher quality channels.

The Box Set Bundle �" The Perfect Choice For Big Households

If your household involves a big family that regularly likes to settle down for the night in front of the television set, the Box Set Bundle is regarded as the best option. There are many children's channels to choose from, music channels, documentary options, many entertainment channels along with the Sky Box Set. This offer also features more than 50 HD channels. One of drawbacks about this offer is that this package costs far more when compared to the smaller selections. Make sure you are prepared to pay the monthly subscription before you sign the contract.


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