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About Cancelling The Sky UK Service

About Cancelling The Sky UK Service

Sky TV is one of the most popular provider of phone services, broadband services and TV services in the UK. In fact, they are the biggest pay-tv provider in the country but you may want to cancel their service for various reasons. However, it has been observed that cancelling the service is not as easy or people don't know how to cancel sky TV service. Many people have tried to cancel their service by phone but most of them did not have nice experiences as it took those around 90 minutes to cancel service.

If you are a current sky TV subscriber, you can cancel their service by using their online chat service as well as by phone. Though the TV service provider allows subscribers to cancel by email or by letter but subscribers will have to have a phone call with sky in order to verify the cancellation before they begin processing the cancellation.

Cancelling Sky UK Service

One of the easiest ways to cancel their service is to call their customer service number or through the live chat function on their website. In addition to the above, you can also email them at a particular email address or you can also write to them on an address that you can easily find on their website. If you are writing to them or emailing them to cancel your service, you will need to provide your telephone number, postal code, address and name among other things. It is also important to mention here that they have a specific notice time before they cancel the service.

That notice time period will begin only when they receive the letter and not when the letter was posted. Also, they may take around five days to reply. If you're cancelling by writing to them, it does not mean that you won't have to endure a phone call with their customer service. They will still give you a call and try to hard sell you another service. The call will be to ensure that it is you who has applied for cancellation of the service and not someone else. Once they have verified that it is you who has requested the cancellation, you notice period will begin.

Their cancellation process is lengthy and some customers have tried to bypass this process by cancelling their direct debit. However, this is the wrong approach to cancellation. Many people believe that they can just cancel the direct debit and their account will be closed. It is important for you to keep in mind that once you cancel the direct debit, you are still liable to pay for any outstanding dues. So, if you owe them money and do not pay them, you are most likely to be hounded by debt collectors. Therefore, make sure that you pay them all the owed money before you cancel their service.

Sky TV offers a variety of contracts but most people have to buy a minimum 12 or 18 month contract. If you have also opted for such a contract and want to cancel their service within this period, you may be liable to pay early termination charges. As far as the calculation of early termination charges is concerned, the calculation depends on the number of months remaining, your date of joining as well as services in your package. You can easily find the early termination charges you will have to pay for the service and for each month, on their website. Also, you cannot cancel some of their services before the contract ends.

One of the reasons people want to cancel their sky TV service is that they have to pay a far higher price as compared to the price paid during the initial offer period. However, there is a way to reduce your costs by calling them and telling them that you want to cancel their service due to high charges. If you are patient and negotiate properly with the customer service agent, you are most likely to get an extremely good offer from their customer service agent. The threat of cancellation can get you an attractive package from the company. So, try to negotiate a new contract in order to bring down the total cost of your package by trying to cancel your account. However, it is also important to keep in mind that you may have to sign a completely fresh 12 or 18 month contract in order to cancel your old contract.

Overall, cancelling the service is not that difficult and you can easily cancel through the live chat function or through the phone but you should take into account the early termination charges and their new offer before making your decision.



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